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Water resistor

Water resistors to perform stress tests on individual generators used during  renovation or construction.

General information:
1. The scope of the load resistor generators water - up to 2000kW for voltages 380.400, 440, 690
2. Maximum exterior dimensions resistor - the width to 2.0 m, length up to 4.0 m
3. The linearity of changes in current
4. The cable chosen for the power rating resistor assuming the use of single wires with a length of 80m.

1. Compact design suitable for horizontal and vertical transport.
2. Construction is adapted to be fitted on board the ship or on the wharf.

3. Method of connecting wires on board ship. Fail-safe screw connections to  a diameter of 16mm.

Control and Protection:
1. Control and protection systems powered from 24V AC-voltage (safety transformer)
2. Indication of the minimum water level in the tank.
3. Remote control and  resistor.
4. Electrical phase protection.