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Hyporbaric chamber

A hypobaric chamber, are used during aviation trainings and high terrestrial altitude research or training to simulate the effects of high altitude on the human body, especially hypoxia (low oxygen) and hypobaria (low ambient air pressure).

This kind of trainings are carried out for pilots, crew members and anyone interested in checking the effects of high altitude.

Control and certification trainings for pilots are the main procedures carried out in hypobaric chambers. This kind trainings are helpful for aviators to be able to recognize harmful symptoms during actual flight so as to avoid in-flight oxygen emergencies.

Persons under examination can breathe oxygen by masks or directly from the chamber (the atmospheric pressure is then reduced to simulate altitudes).

A hypobaric chamber is equipped with all necessary gas and electrical installations and control panels.

Outside operator monitors the subjects' condition via closed circuit television and measuring and control equipment; all the necessary parameters are displayed on the control console.

Operator can control pressure, temperature, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide content.

We manufacture hypobaric chambers according to particular requirements of our clients.