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We offer two types of chillers: WCHW type – with the water cooled condenser and the WCHA type- with air cooled condenser.

The main components of the chiller are:

- compressor
- condenser:
     WCHW type - shell and tube, water cooled with ribbed copper tubes
     (for fresh water), with ribbed cupro-nickel or brass tubes (for seawater)
     WCHA type - air cooled, in compact version or supplied separately
- plate or shell and tube evaporator
- refrigeration accessories

- control panel and switchboard

Our chillers are used on ships, in industry (for example for cooling mediums other than water) and air-conditioning to cool the chilled water or glycol.

Chiller units can also be equipped with:-

Optional water storage tank and pumps.

Shock absorbers, heavy duty housing.