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Compact air conditioners

MAC Air conditioners are dedicated for use on ships for cooling in the areas of monitoring, on the bridge, and other areas where it is important to reduce the air temperature for the comfort of personell working there.

Refrigerant: R404A, devices operating on other refrigerants are available on request.

Technical Description:

Cooling Capacity: 4 to 42kW

Standard range: 3x400V, 50 Hz / 60Hz 3x440V, refrigerants for fresh water and sea water.

The components of air conditioners:-

 HOUSING -These are made of a rigid steel frame construction and are insulated to prevent condensation.

 COMPRESSORS - Hermetic reciprocating compressors are equipped with a heater and an internal battery at the intake to ensure long life of our products.

CONDENSERS- Shell and tube type condensers, with curpo-nickel ribbed tubes

 Refrigerated sea water or fresh water. Sea water control valve is provided as an option. The fan speed is controlled by the inverter.

AIR COOLERS- copper coil with aluminum fins , specially designed to protect the unit from salt air. Washable filter is located in front of the coil.

FANS - Centrifugal fans with IP55 motors.

- CONTROLS- the temperature is controlled by a thermostat placed in the air flow. It is possible to choose a manual or automatic operation mode by pressing the button which is located on the thermostat. The control panel has IP55 and automatic circuit breakers. The compressor is fitted with high and low pressure switches. A solenoid valve, a filter drier, sight glasses and liquid pressure gauges are included on the feed pipe.

Optional equipment:

- Air chamber
- Silencer on the inlet of fresh air
- Connection to the air outlet duct from the air conditioner
- Flexible connections for inlet and outlet of fresh air
- Stainless steel
- Coil with copper fins
- Electric heating
- Sea water control valve
- Other refrigerants: R134a, R407C, R507
- Air cooled condenser