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Heat exchangers

Steam crude oil heather

Heat exchanger with removable tube bundle, type BEU (TEMA standards). Inside the tubes there is a heating medium – low pressure steam which heats up the oil used for feeding desalination plants. During the flow through the tubes, the crude oil is heated as a result of the heat release caused by the steam (heating medium) condensation.

Shell material: seamless tube A 333 Gr. 6 steel (NACE MR 0175 & ISO15156 standards)

Design pressure: 17,2 bar

Test pressure: 24,7 bar

Temperature minimum/maximum: -29/+100oC

Capacity: 250l

Overall dimensions: ø323, 9 x 3000 mm

  The certification body: UDT


Tube bundle.

Material: A-179 NACE MR 0175 & ISO15156 standards)

Measurements: diameter19.05x2.11

Tubes quantity: 38

Tube length: min: 5790 /max: 6300

Bending radius: min: R=29 /max: R=105.2

Medium: medium pressure steam

Designed pressure 7.5 bar

Test pressure: 10.8 bar

Temperature min/max: -29/1650C

Perforated plates material: A516 GR70

Perforated plates measurements: 521x60mm

Design standards: PN EN 13445:2009

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Crude oil stabilization reboiler

Heat exchanger used for stabilization process.

The purpose of the reboiler type BKU (TEMA standards) is to raise the temperature of the crude oil in the working area using a subsidiary medium. The heat exchanger consists of the heating part, including : head, tube plate, tube bundle and baffles and the processing part (in which evaporation occurs) including: larger chamber of the shell, bottom and overflow baffle. After assembly, the head with the tube bundle makes forms one unit responsible for the heat exchange between the steam and the crude oil, undergoing the stabilization process, it means the elimination of volatile components, also of hazardous H2S.


Shell material: steel A 516 Gr. 70

Design pressure: 13,5 bar

Test pressure: 19,40 bar

Temperature minimum/maximum: - 29/+175°C

Capacity: 6500 l

Overall dimensions: 7000 mm x ø1200

  The certification body: UDT