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Hydrophore tanks

We manufacture hydrophore tanks for  drinking or technological water.  The hydrophore tank is the part of the hydrophore stations and water treatment plants.

Hydrophore tanks are used to maintain an adequate, constant pressure in the system and for water storage. Units consists of a pump, hydrophore tank and the control panel and electric switchboard.

Hydrophore tanks are made of steel shell and dished ends.  On the shell is inlet and outlet connection stub pipes, connections of the level indicator,  pressure gauge and safety valve, compressed air feed pipe. In the shell is located elliptical revision manhole. Hydrophore tanks are used to work in cold water plants under the pressure of 6 or 10 bars.

Surface protection:

-          Outside painting

-          Zink-plating

-          Painting with epoxy paint

-          Passivation in case stainless steel execution